Working With Arthritis

Over 46 million Americans are effected with Arthritis that manifests itself in 100 different forms. Out of these almost 7% of all working adults in America complain of workplace limitations due to Arthritis.

Arthritis can have a deep influence on a person’s work. The fear of exerting oneself too and aggravating arthritis and the fear of losing ones job due to arthritis puts an Arthritis patient in a dilemma as to which way to go. Some people prefer to keep mum about their joint pains and continue doing physically straining work that aggravates their problem eventually. Some people put their feet up and hang their boots owing the reasons to their joint pains.

The idea is to strike a balance. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration as you work with Arthritis.

Employer Support

If you have an uncooperative employer making things worse for you along with your Arthritis pains, then working would not only inflame your joints but your nerves too. A supportive, respectful, understanding and communicative employer can make things easier for you as you cope with work along with arthritis.

To be or not to be Honest

Arthritis patients are in a dilemma as to whether or not they should divulge all the information regarding their problem. Some people believe that telling your employer about your Arthritis problem may cost you your job. This is why they do not give away all the information instead they create a façade. This allows them to continue working but they suffer a great deal by not confessing the status of their pain and going to work when they should be resting. Some people believe half truth could be dangerous since your employer is often left wondering over the exact severity of your pain. Now this depends on how understanding and cooperative your employer is, you can chose any of the three options depending on this factor.

Nature of Work

Depending on the nature of work or job you can determine how arthritis will effect your work. For example physically demanding work would be greatly effected by your joint pains in comparison to a desk job. If your job is to lift up heavy cartons everyday and put them at a certain place, then with your Arthritis problem, it is unlikely that you can continue working for long. On the other hand if you are an engineer who requires to survey the site on foot and walk long distances, you can manage to work with your Arthritis problem.

Work flexibility

If yours is a job that has deadlines to be met in a tight schedule along with physically demanding work then Arthritis would make you and your job incompatible. You might have to miss your work for a day or more due to your joint pains. If this happens on a regular basis you may soon be labeled as Mr. Undependable for by your employer.

Work Environment

You should strike a balance in maintaining your health while maintaining your productivity. If you are an asset your company, they may not mind spending a little money on you or granting you a few extra leaves for your pains. Or if your cabin is up at the fifth floor that requires a lot of stair climbing, you can always request your company management to shift it over to the first floor and make things easier for you. Depending on individual situations either you have to adapt to the work environment or alter the work environment so that you could adapt to your work along with Arthritis.