What Causes Arthritis?

As everyone knows that arthritis is a painful joint condition but the question arises is what causes arthritis? Several factors contribute to an individual developing arthritis, thus making it very difficult to determine its cause. The chief risk factors that cause arthritis include:

Genetic Variations can lead to Arthritis

So far, no one knows to what extent genetics plays a role in causing arthritis, but usually genetic variations are known to contribute to the development of arthritis. However, medical treatment can offer some pain relief.

Increase in Age leads to Osteoarthritis

With increasing age, one’s cartilage becomes very brittle and diminishes its capacity to repair itself. Therefore, as people age, they develop osteoarthritis.

Obese People develop Arthritis Soon

If the load of body weight the joint has to support is excessive, it leads to arthritis. This can be seen in the hips and knees. In fact, if you are overweight, your risk of developing arthritis is doubled.

Exercise regularly to Prevent Arthritis

If your joint is damaged, it can lead to developing irregularities in the smooth functioning of the joint surface. However, if you exercise or take part in athletics, you can overcome arthritis.

Major injuries can lead to Arthritis

If you have suffered major injuries in the past, these can lead to arthritis. For example, if you have had a tibial plateau fracture, where the broken part of the bone enters the cartilage of the knee joint, this can be a major cause of arthritis.

Construction workers can develop Arthritis fast

Perhaps your job causes you to develop arthritis more than others. For example, if you are an assembly line worker or a construction worker, you stand a higher chance of developing arthritis.

Sports Injuries lead to Arthritis

You can injure your joints while participating in sports, which may go on to develop into arthritis. But leading a highly active life can mitigate this.

Illness at Joints can lead to Arthritis

If you have suffered an infection in the joints, or many episodes of gout or had any other medical conditions, this can lead to arthritis of the joint.

Other possible causative factors:

Eating the Junk foods:

By eating a long-term diet of junk, processed or contaminated food, you could develop arthritis.

High-stress life:

If you habitually overwork, do not rest or exercise enough, you’re a likely candidate for arthritis.

Emotional problems:

If emotional problems have been dogging you for long there are chances that you will invite arthritis.

Do you do drugs?

If you’re into drugs or alcohol, you could well develop arthritis.

Unclean environment:

If you live in an unhygienic environment, it is natural to develop arthritis.

Internal stress factors:

Over exposure to heavy metals:

If your work in industry, cooking, dentistry, chemicals, pesticides and sprays exposes you to a high quantity of lead, mercury, aluminum, you could develop arthritis.

Recurrent viral infections:

If you have developed

viral infections

recurrently such as Glandul and Fever, chronic bacterial and fungal infections such as Staphylococcus, Candida Albicans, etc, you run the risk of developing arthritis.