What Vitamins Help Arthritis Sufferers?

Common Vitamins for Fighting Arthritis

There are seven primary vitamins that need to be taken on daily basis in order to fight the ailments of arthritis. These vitamins include the following:

Vitamin B5

This reduces the joint inflammations to a considerable extent.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin is also effective for reducing the tissue swelling and increases blood circulation in the body. This vitamin should not be taken by individuals who are suffering from gout, liver disorders and high blood pressure.

Vitamin B6

This one also reduces the joint swellings.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin has numerous functions like cell formation, digestion, production of myelin and the protection of nerves.

Vitamin C

This one also soothes the inflammation of the joints and rids the body off all impurities.

Vitamin E

This vitamin increases flexibility and rids the joints of all impurities and ailments.

Vitamin K

This vitamin increases mineral deposits in the bones.

Intake of Vitamins

Daily intake of multivitamin tablets also proves to be very effective for treating arthritis pains. Glucosamine, a liquid vitamin has also shown effective results for arthritis patients.

However, experts assert that water soluble vitamins like vitamins B and C do not get stored in the body and get released through the urine. So it is necessary to take these vitamins on a daily basis, while other effective and fat soluble vitamins like A, K , E , D are stored in the liver. So reduced intake of these vitamins is acceptable or enough for the needs of the body.

Arthritis can effect Activities

Aching and inflamed joints can prevent you from playing your favorite sport or can leave you yearning for relief while others take a walk down the street or probably you have to wait for someone else to respond to the door bell while you stayed glued to your seat or bed.

Diet and Arthritis

Naturopaths are of the opinion that there is an inherent relationship between arthritis and a poor or bad diet. It is also a proven fact that deficiency of calcium in the body can lead to joint and bone problems in many. Further, researchers claim that an excess of calcium intake also does not work in favor of the body and proves to be futile by getting excreted from the system.

Obesity and Arthritis

Experts have further revealed that there is a direct relationship between excessive weight or obesity and arthritis. Excess weight forces the hips, back, ankles and feet to bear excess burden. This causes the weakening of bones and muscles around the limbs and joints. Doctors advise such patients who are trying to grapple with both their obesity and arthritis conditions to switch over to a healthier diet that which would include fresh fruits and vegetables.

Diet is Important

Therefore the assertion that “we are what we eat” is unquestionable. All these conclusions help us to arrive at the need for a proper diet intake supplemented with minerals and vitamins that help in Avoiding every risk or danger to the immune system.

Vitamins are Essential

Vitamins are abundant in fruits and vegetables which is why doctors suggest arthritis patients to eat more of green vegetables. However, it is not very easy to get the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals which is contributed by poor quality of soil, modern food processing techniques and the increasing trend of opting for junk or contaminated and unhealthy foods.