Vinegar for Arthritis Treatment

Cider vinegar is a natural cure for most arthritis sufferers today. It absorbs the deposits of the brushing bones thereby giving much relief to the joints. Find out how you could benefit from vinegar to get rid of your frequent joint aches.

Recent studies have proved that herbal and natural medicines work wonders for arthritis conditions. Cider vinegar is a much preferred resolution for most arthritis sufferers of late. Infact there has been enough historical evidence to its effectiveness too. For example, the Hippocrates used cider vinegar as an antibiotic.

How does vinegar work for arthritis?

Cider vinegar helps arthritis sufferers in a way that it dissolves the deposits shed by or on account of the friction between the bones. This friction or brushing of the bones is a result of the wearing down of cartilages that supports the muscle and bone structure.

How to include cider vinegar in your diet or lifestyle?

Researchers claim that it is very important to include cider vinegar in your diet in order to heal your aching joints. Here are the ways to include it in your daily living:

  • Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water and drink it at least three times a day.
  • Soak your aching joints in a hot solution of apple cider vinegar for about ten minutes. Repeat this three to four times daily.
  • Mix a quarter cup of vinegar with one and a half cup of hot water and soak a towel in it. Wrap the area affected with pain with the hot and wet towel and cover with a dry cloth to trap the heat. Remove when the towel gets cooler. Repeat several times for greater relief.
  • Mix cider vinegar with honey and apply the solution externally to the areas affected with severe joint pains.

The Arthritis Foundation proclaims that these are unproven remedies and have subjective results or effects.

Cider vinegar has numerous positive effects apart from curing aching joints. For example, it controls the blood pressure levels in the body and also helps in checking calcium deficiencies which can ultimately weaken the bones. This natural remedy therefore lends a strong bone structure with improved fitness and flexibility.

Since its long term effects are yet to be discovered and determined by researchers, consult your rheumatologist before considering the cider vinegar treatment for curing your arthritis ailments.