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shutterstock_97169396 Quiz on Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis where in the joints of fingers, spine, knees and hips are affected very badly. Take on this quiz to know more about osteoarthritis.

Exercises-for-Knee-Osteoarthritis Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis
Arthritis of the Talonavicular Joint

The talonavicular joint exists in the foot (on the top). It is one of the three joints that exist in the hind foot. The talonavicular […]

What is Löfgren Syndrome?

Löfgren syndrome is a sub-type and an acute form of sarcoidosis and one of the main symptoms of this syndrome is arthritis. Europeans, especially Scandinavians […]

What is Neuropathic Arthritis?

Neuropathic arthritis is a degenerative joint condition, especially in the weight-bearing joints. It can in fact be considered as osteoarthritis, but this one is caused […]

Cut Down on Arachidonic Acid Rich Foods – Alleviate Inflammation

Arachidonic acid is an essential fatty acid (not synthesized in the body naturally) which belongs to the omega-6 fatty acid group. This acid is in […]

What is Acromioclavicular Arthrosis?

Acromioclavicular arthrosis is an arthritic condition that affects the acromioclavicular or the AC joint in the shoulder. This is the reason that this condition is […]

Plant Thorn Arthritis – A Form of Monoarthritis

  Plant thorn arthritis   is a type of monoarthritis , meaning, a type of arthritis that affects only a single joint. Also referred to […]

Trapeziectomy for Thumb Osteoarthritis

Trapeziectomy is a surgical procedure that deals with the trapezium bone located at the base of the thumb. The trapezium bone when affected with osteoarthritis […]

What is Chondrocalcinosis?

Chondrocalcinosis or calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate disease (CPDD)   is an acute form of arthritis and a rheumatoid disorder. Crystals of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate get deposited […]

Shark Cartilage Benefits and Side-Effects in Arthritis Patients

One of the most unusual, yet researched forms of treatment for arthritis is the use of shark cartilage. Shark cartilage benefits have not been proven […]

Post Traumatic Arthritis

Post traumatic arthritis is a curable form of arthritis that can occur following an injury like a fracture or dislocation to the hands or feet. […]

Knee Cartilage Replacement

In people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis, it is evident that the pain caused is due to depleted cartilage layers between the joints. Knee cartilage […]

What is an Arthritis Knee Cyst?

An arthritis knee cyst is also called a Baker’s cyst   or a popliteal cyst   . A cyst behind the knee is common in […]