Remedies for Spinal Arthritis

Experts claim that the typical symptoms of neck and back pain can be effectively reduced through natural remedies. Sit home and enjoy the benefits of herbal, home and homeopathic remedies to cure the above symptoms of spinal arthritis.

Spinal arthritis is a problem related to the breakdown of cartilages situated between the facet joints in the spinal cord. It is predominantly marked by the development of bone spurs. Bone spurs are unnatural growths on the spine that are caused by calcium deposits. Researchers believe that repetitive injury or pressure on the spine through recreational activities can cause further damage to the spine. Alternative and natural treatments like home, herbal and homeopathy remedies are being highly appreciated for easing spinal arthritis traumas and pain.

Herbal Remedies for Spinal Arthritis

Herbal remedies for reducing neck and back aches arising from spinal arthritis include the following:

  • Heat linseed oil and dip a cloth in it. Place the wet cloth over the painful joints or muscles. Place a plastic over it and heat the area with a heating pad to give the joints more relief.
  • Use hot or cold compressors for the painful areas.
  • Dimethylsulfoxide can be applied topically over the areas causing pain.
  • Arnica and chamomile herbs can be used to bathe with.
  • Mix one teaspoon of rose hip and horsetail tea herbs with one cup of boiling water. Heat for ten minutes, strain and drink one cup thrice daily. The herbs are effective in healing and repairing infected tissues.
  • Apply a flax seed hot oil pack over the aching joints and muscles of the back.

Home Remedies for Spinal Arthritis

Prepare easy and convenient home remedies for curing your neck and back pain arising from spinal arthritis:

  • Have 500 to 1000mg of turmeric thrice daily in empty stomach for six weeks.
  • Bog bean is considered effective for fighting inflammation and pain.
  • Drink half teaspoon of ginger mixed with warm water to reduce pain and stiffness at joints caused by spinal arthritis.
  • Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with one spoon of honey and warm water and drink it twice daily.
  • Drink alfalfa tea twice daily.
  • Drink radish juice mixed with sugar.
  • One cup of papaya seed tea taken six to seven times daily for about three weeks can reduce joint pain.
  • Mix porridge with two teaspoons of winter cherry and molasses. Eat the mixture in empty stomach for about fifteen days to reduce joint swellings and pain.
  • One tablespoon of fruit pectin mixed with cranberry juice should be taken every morning to get relief from aching joints.
  • Drink one tablespoon of cod liver oil with orange juice before going to bed at night.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammations at joints. Salmons, sardines, nuts and olive oil are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Control your diet and eating patterns to reduce weight.

Homeopathy for Spinal Arthritis

Another alternative remedy for reducing spinal arthritis symptoms includes the following homeopathic options:

  • Colocynth
  • Gnaphalium
  • Rhus toxicodendron
  • Pulsatilla
  • Arsenicum

These homeopathy medicines are effective for reducing joint ailments and feebleness. Among the few mentioned above, colocynth works best for worsening conditions of nerve disorders in spinal arthritis. Scatia, a condition marked by shooting pain in the buttocks, hip, lower back and leg region benefits much from homeopathy medicines like colocynth.

Spinal arthritis can curb every movement of yours as it supports the entire body frame. Try the above natural remedies to cure the pain that starts from the neck and travels down to the feet in spinal arthritis.