Remedies for Reactive Arthritis

Researchers claim that natural cures are capable of curing or reducing the symptoms of reactive arthritis. For example, turmeric or the eucalyptus oil can bring much relief to the aching joints. Find out how you could employ safer measures to solve the pains of toes, knee and ankle joints.

Experts are of the opinion that reactive arthritis can be controlled through natural cures like herbal, home and homoeopathic remedies. For example, Omega 3 fatty acids present in cold water fish like salmon and tuna are often able to delay or reduce joint pain and inflammations. In addition, whipped cod liver oil and orange juice have been proven to be effective for controlling the symptoms of reactive arthritis.

Reactive arthritis which is usually suffered at the toes, knee and ankle joints can also affect the skin and muscles. This form of reactive arthritis is known as the Reiter’s Syndrome. Experts believe that this condition can be effectively soothed with natural cures that include herbs, essential vitamins and minerals, etc.

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Herbal Remedies for Reactive Arthritis

Herbal cures are considered to be safe and effective for strengthening and repairing the deteriorating cartilages between the joints. Experts state that after having consulted a doctor arthritis sufferers can rely on herbal supplements. These supplements can be in the form of dried herbal extracts, glycerine extracts or alcohol extracts.

Herbs that help reduce the symptoms of reactive arthritis include the following:

  • Bromelain: This is an enzyme derived from pine apple. It helps in reducing joint inflammations.
  • Turmeric: This herb helps in enhancing the effects of bromelain.
  • The White Willow Bark: It helps in reducing pain and inflammation at joints.
  • Licorice: This herb is also effective for reducing joint swellings and pain. A person treated with corticosteroids or suffering from high blood pressure should not take licorice.
  • The Cat’s Claw: This herb is effective in reducing joint swelling and pain too.
  • Boswellia: This herb is also effective for controlling the effects or symptoms reactive arthritis.
  • Corn Silk and Uva Ursi: These herbs are effective for curing and soothing any urinary tract infection.

Homeopathy Medicines for Reactive Arthritis

A competent homeopathic practitioner should be consulted with because finding an effective and suitable remedy can be complicating. A professional homeopath looks into the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of an individual and then suggests a homeopathy treatment.

Common homeopathy medicines for reactive arthritis include the following:

  • Rhus tox: This reduces joint stiffness.
  • Arsenicum Album: This controls anxiety and burning urine sensations.
  • Sulphur: It soothes pain, redness and all digestive ailments.

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Home Remedies for Reactive Arthritis

Home remedies such as these listed below can help ward off the symptoms of reactive arthritis:

  • Include flaxseed or fish oil in your diet as it reduces the body’s inflammatory response.
  • Heat eucalyptus oil. Dip a piece of cloth in it and then place it over the aching joint. Cover it with a plastic wrap and warm the area with a heating pad or steamed towels.
  • The mangosteen fruit is helpful in curing pain and inflammations suffered at joints.
  • Garlic can effectively reduce the symptoms of reactive arthritis.
  • Two teaspoons of lemon juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey and warm water is effective. Drink this solution twice daily.
  • Massage the ailing joint with warm vinegar.

It is always safe and advisable to seek the recommendations of a doctor before taking a natural cure. This is important because through examinations make it easier to arrive at a suitable and effective option specific to an individual.