Raisins for Arthritis Treatment

It is believed that raisins contain anti inflammatory compounds and natural pain relievers to comfort ailing joints. Discover how raisins can help one deal with arthritis symptoms through easy and effective ways.

Arthritis is a condition where the joints get inflamed. This swelling up of the joints obstructs further movement and flexibility, thereby making one totally dependent on drugs. Pioneers in this field like Paul Harvey recognized the significance of gin soaked raisins for treating arthritis pains and aches.

Why are raisins for arthritis effective?

Grapes, raisins and gin soaked raisins are helpful in curing moderate or severe joint ailments. This is contributed by the natural compounds present in them and those which act like anti inflammatory agents. The natural pain relievers present in raisins and grapes include ferulic acid, gentisic acid, and salicylic acid that works like aspirin to reduce pain.

Other anti inflammatory compounds that raisins and grapes are comprised of, include cinnamic acid, coumarin and ascorbic acid. Experts claim that raisins contain more of these compounds as they contain less water than grapes do. This makes raisins more effective for treating arthritis conditions.

Are Gin soaked raisins for Arthritis effective ?

Gin soaked raisins are effective but is not advisable for people suffering from gout. Experts claim that gin or alcohol aggravates gout attacks. So it is always safer to eat dry raisins rather than gin soaked raisins to cure ailing joints.

How to include raisins for Arthritis in your diet?

Follow these procedures to include raisins for arthritis in your diet:

  • Put a layer of raisins in a shallow pan
  • Pour a layer of gin over it
  • Place a lid to cover the pan
  • Leave the pan covered for a few weeks till the gin gets absorbed by the raisins and the liquid evaporates
  • Then eat nine raisins per day to get relief from your swollen and ailing joints

There is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of raisins for treating arthritis conditions. Limited studies however confirm that raisins are effective in reducing arthritis symptoms that include joint inflammations, pain and stiffness.

Experiment with raisins to drive away your arthritis aches but with the due recommendation of a rheumatologist.


Gin soaked raisins can be eaten if you are not an alcoholic and if you are not suffering from gout.