Joint Swelling from Arthritis

Joint swelling is mainly related to arthritis but there could be other factors responsible for swollen joints. Arthritis is one of the major reasons resulting in joint swelling. Basically fluid accumulates in the joint resulting in painful inflammation.

Are you worried about your newly swollen knee or elbow you noticed in the morning? You might even notice that your swollen joint has become soft and puffy. You might observe that this joint swelling is somewhat different from swelling due to injury. An injured joint swells because of the internal bleeding.

Causes of Joint Swelling

A general joint swelling is a result of accumulation of fluid in the joint. There could be a number of reasons resulting in joint swelling. Arthritis is one of the most common reasons for swelling in the joints. If you are experiencing painful joint swelling for more than 6 weeks then there is high possibility of arthritis.

Other possible causes for joint inflammation are as follows:

Bacterial or viral infection may lead to joint swelling that is neither red nor warm to touch. Through cracked or broken skin these bacteria or virus enter your body and might attack your joint by infecting them.

When to Consult Your Doctor

It is advisable that never to ignore the joint swelling when you observe following symptoms in addition to swelling.

  • If your joint swelling lasts for more than 6-7 days
  • If your swollen joint is red and warm
  • If you even experience chills or fever
  • If you are already suffering form arthritis and the new joint swelling is of a different type.
  • If your joint has been punctured

If you Experience these symptoms you need to consult your physician immediately, without fail.

How to Deal With Swelling Caused Due To Arthritis?

In arthritis affected joints excess amount of fluid is being produced by the soft tissue. This excess fluid affects the joints badly and results in painful, warm, rigid and inflamed joints. If you are suffering from arthritic joint swelling then here are a few suggestions which might be helpful in managing swelling.

  • If you are suffering from arthritis since long then hot packs will be highly beneficial for you as compared to cold packs.
  • To keep your joints functioning, you need to do gentle exercises daily. But remember that don’t over do the exercises.
  • If your joint swelling is persistent then you can ask your physician to give you a relaxing ultrasound treatment.