How To Avoid Stress On Joints?

Before Arthritis, the things you used to do unmindfully, seem tiring with Arthritis. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure to Arthritis, you will have to use your joints strategically in order to live a normal life and prevent stressing them much. Remember, Arthritis is like the situation when you are left with limited money to spend your life with. You don’t want to squander your wealth away now and regret later, isn’t it. Similarly, use your joints carefully so that you don’t exhaust them completely and speed towards disability, only to regret later.

These simple tips would help you avoid stress on joints. Here, have a look –

  1. Good Posture – Good posture balances your body weight evenly across your weigh bearing joints. If you slouch you will end up stressing your back, knees, neck and hips.
  2. Ideal Weight – It is very important maintain your ideal weight. If you weigh more than you ought to you will be stressing your hips, knees, back and feet.
  3. Exercise – You require exercise more with Arthritis. Exercise keeps your joints flexible and it also protects them as it strengthens the muscles around them.
  4. Slow down – Give yourself ample time to carry on your activities in life. Do not over-exert yourself to meet your goals. Arthritis means time to slow down.
  5. Bigger Better – When your doing work like carrying or lifting use the bigger joints for the task. Don’t try to lift a heavy packet with your fingers, use your palms bearing weight on elbows or wrists.
  6. Protection – Use protective aids like wrist bands, knee support, ankle bands that protect and give support to your joints.
  7. Pain – Learn to listen to your body. Do not ignore your pain. Pain is an indicator to stress. It’s a signal for you to stop and relax.