How Gardening Helps Arthritis Patients?

Once people are diagnosed with Arthritis they cease to be as active they used to be fearing that they might stress or damage their joints. This fear of pain, joint damage and aggravation of arthritis brings a lot of emotional and mental stress in their lives along with physical stiffening of joints. There are a lot of fears regarding the treatment of arthritis for they know there is no permanent cure for arthritis. It makes them feel as if medicines and other treatments would not make much of a difference in their condition.

However these are just negative feelings that make things worse mentally, emotionally and physically. I know a few arthritis patients who cease to live a normal life after being diagnosed with arthritis. They aggravate their problems by sitting idle at home not going out and living as they used to be. In such a condition Gardening could be very helpful for Arthritis patients.

Physiological Benefits of Gardening

Gardening keeps you physically active and keep you moving, this would give your joints greater flexibility and improve your muscle strength. You will have some physical activity that will burn your calories thus keep your weight under control and keep up your general health and fitness. Gardening, if looked at as form of exercise will help enhance your cardiopulmonary capability and endurance. Plus the other benefits are that you get a daily dose of fresh air and sunshine. If you grow organic vegetables in your garden they can be an added source of healthy food.

Psychological Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is a creative work. It gives the gardener this deep sense of confidence and satisfaction of giving something a life and watch it grow and flourish. Creative activities relieve stress and the patience involved eases anger, tension and aggression. It gives you some solitude to retrospect. It keeps you busy and occupied.

Cognitive benefits of Gardening

Gardening as I said is a creative job, it improves your concentration, increase your attention span, improves your ability to work without help and enhance your problem solving skills. It leads to improved motor skills and results in great mental stimulation.

Recreational Benefits of Gardening

For people who take up gardening as a hobby, gardening offers them a wide range of recreational benefits. Some people who garden with a companion have reported an improvement in their social skills and communication skills. Some people give away their garden produce as gifts to family and friends and improve their social relationships. Above all this Gardening is fun and satisfying.

Spiritual Benefits of Gardening

Creating something, watching it flourish is a very satisfying and inspirational feeling. Working closely with nature and living things gives you an opportunity to connect with ‘life’ on earth on a different level altogether.
So if you are an Arthritis patient who has given up gardening for the fear of pain and aggravation of your problems, you would want to reconsider your decision again.