Hip Arthritis – Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

Hip arthritis generally affects people above 50 years. Overweight and obese people are most at risk. Therefore, it is essential to lose weight to reduce the risk of hip arthritis. Other common causes of this condition are genetics, trauma in the hip region and fractures to the bones in the hip joint.

Symptoms of Hip Arthritis

The gravity of the symptoms may vary with the weather. However, the following symptoms are most common in hip arthritis patients:

  • Pain during activity
  • Range of motion becomes limited
  • Hip becomes stiff
  • There is a limp while walking

Your doctor may evaluate your condition and detect hip arthritis with an X-ray.

Treatments for Hip Arthritis

Read on to learn some basic treatments for hip arthritis. Chart your own treatment regimen with the help of your doctor to personalize it for effectiveness. In severe cases, surgery may be the last option to treat hip arthritis.

  • Lose Weight:

    As mentioned earlier, losing weight is a simple and effective method to ease hip arthritis symptoms. Ease the load on your hip joints by reducing weight on them as much as possible.

  • Modify Your Activities:

    You need to limit certain activities and learn exercises to stay fit. You can try water exercises and aqua aerobics as exercising in water is easier and more beneficial.

  • Walking Aid:

    You can use a single crutch or cane to ease the load on the arthritic hip and joints.

  • Physical Therapy:

    Get tips from a physical therapist to strengthen the hip muscles and ease the burden on the hip joints. It is essential to prevent muscle atrophy to remain functional.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Medicines:

    Your doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory painkillers to ease the pain and symptoms of hip arthritis.

  • Joint Supplements:

    You can also try supplements like glucosamine as it has been found to be a safe and effective medication for osteoarthritis.

  • Hip Replacement Surgery:

    In severe cases, this option is inevitable. In this procedure, the cartilage is taken out and replaced with a plastic and metal implant in the hip.

Excercises for Hip Pain Due to Arthritis

It is suggested that certain range-of-motion exercises and strengthening exercises such as isotonics, thread-the-needle, etc can reduce hip pain caused due to arthritis. Range-of-motion exercises can help in stretching the affected part. Strengthening exercises can help in protecting the arthritic part from further damage by strengthening the muscles that surround the joints.

Hip Arthritis Pillow

Hip arthritis pillow can help in maintaining correct body posture, balancing our body weight and lifting off pressure from our knees. This might help in reducing hip pain.

Valley Fever Hip Arthritis

Valley fever, also known as desert rheumatism, is an immune complex mediated syndrome linked with a fungus infection. This self limited syndrome is marked by joint complaints, eosinophilia, fever, rash, etc.