Heat Treatment for Arthritis

It is believed that localized heat wraps can help in providing immediate relief to the aching joints. Researchers are of the opinion that heat comforts a feeble and discomforted joint by increasing the circulation of blood in that area. Find out how you could engage in a heat treatment for dealing with your stiff and painful joints.

Recent studies show that there is an increasing demand for over the counter heat wraps for managing one’s arthritis pains. Though experts have not yet discovered the long term benefits of these heat wraps, they can be used as short term solutions for treating joint aches and inflammations.

The most common forms of arthritis that people suffer from are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They both deal with the wearing down of the cartilages or the soft tissues which support and protect the joints.

Heat treatment for arthritis:

Moist heat treatment like a hot bath or hydrocollator pack has proved to be effective in dealing with arthritis aches. Other dry heat treatments for dealing with aching joints include a heating pad or a heating lamp.

Instructions prior to a localized heating treatment for arthritis:

One should take care of the following before considering a heat treatment for arthritis:

  • Ensure that your skin is dry and that you are not suffering from conditions like rashes, redness, etc.
  • Place an extra padding in order to save your skin from getting burnt.

Instructions after a localized heating treatment for arthritis:

One should take care of the following after using the heat treatment for their arthritis pains:

  • Check the area for swelling, discoloration or any kind of a reaction.
  • Dab and dry the area carefully.
  • Gently begin to move the joint in order to reduce stiffness.
  • Give your skin some rest by not exposing your skin to any other treatment soon after the heat treatment.

Tips for adopting the heat treatment for dealing with arthritis pains:

Follow these precautionary and safety tips while pursuing the heat treatment for dealing with arthritis aches:

  • Soak yourself in a warm bath, jacuzzi or shower.
  • Place a heating pad over the painful area but don’t sleep with it as you could burn yourself.
  • Use a hot water bottle to place around your feet and hands while sleeping.
  • Electric heating pads are also available in varied ranges to best suit a persons need and condition.
  • Place hot packs over the painful area for about ten to fifteen minutes then remove.
  • Dip your hands and legs in paraffin wax baths to treat your aching and inflamed joints.

Benefits of heating for arthritis:

Arthritis sufferers can benefit from hot packs in the following ways:

  • Heat enhances blood circulation
  • It increases the metabolic function of the body
  • Heat reduces the rigidness in the ligaments and tendons
  • Most importantly it reduces the aches around the joints

The entire benefit of heating a localized area or joint is that it increases the blood circulation in that area. So the joint is marked by the inflow of fresh blood and the outflow of impure properties and blood. This process expert’s claim, increases the healing process by reducing the pain in and around the joints.