Exercise and Massage Therapy for Finger Arthritis

Studies show that exercise and massage techniques help in relieving the symptoms of finger arthritis to a great extent. Professional therapists and doctors usually recommend easy and simple techniques that can be achieved by the patients. Find out how you can apply the best technique for dealing with finger pain and discomfort.

Massage Therapy

Finger arthritis can spoil one’s quality of life by limiting every experience and movement. Finger arthritis disease is a result of the wearing down of cartilages between the finger joints.

Range of motion exercises are preferred for reducing finger pain, inflammation and stiffness. The exercises are comfortably designed. Painful and swollen joints should be moved gently within the range of motion.

Finger Exercises for Arthritic Finger Joints

Some exercises for healthy and moving fingers include the following:

  • The most simple and easy exercise is to close your fingers towards your palm. Your finger tips should touch the palm. Then open your fist and straighten your palm out. Do this in three counts each to strengthen the finger joints.
  • Try touching the finger tips with the thumb in an arc formation.
  • Place your hand on a flat surface and gently lift the fingers one by one.
  • Keep your hand straight with the fingers pointing up. Then bend your fingers in a way that the knuckles point upwards. Do not completely bend the fingers into a closed fist. Then stretch the fingers out. Do this exercise for three counts for atleast two to three times.
  • Rotate every joint on your finger in a circular pattern to get relief from the pain and swelling. This exercise will allow fresh blood to flow into the joint and will wash away the impurities.

Studies reveal that exercises are helpful in improving the flexibility and strength of finger joints. Consult a professional therapist or doctor to discover the techniques of the hands therapy for finger arthritis.

Massage Therapy for Finger Arthritis

Massage therapy is an alternative treatment for dealing with finger arthritis. Different techniques have different approaches but their objective is the same and that is to calm the senses, nerves and muscles.

Massage is the technique or process of applying pressure through gentle strokes and/or kneading to calm the nerves. The finger joint massage is also simple to follow. After examining you thoroughly, the doctor will suggest simple movements for your finger joints.

Inquire into the qualification and expertise of a physical or massage therapist before depending upon his/her treatment for curing your finger arthritis. It is more likely for anyone to develop finger arthritis owing to 27 bones that constitute each hand. In addition, most of the functions are performed by the hands. So, manage the symptoms of finger arthritis through exercise and massage therapies.

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