Exercise and Massage Therapy for Cervical Arthritis

Cervical arthritis causes the neck to stiffen and hurt. Experts are of the opinion that exercises and massage help in improving the strength and flexibility of the spine and neck muscles. Find out more about exercise and massage therapies for relieving cervical spondylosis symptoms in the article below.

Exercise is a natural cure for controlling the symptoms of cervical arthritis that affects the neck and gradually the arms. Experts are of the opinion that neck exercises provide flexibility to the neck thereby making every movement and sleep more comfortable.

Types of Exercises for Cervical Arthritis

Physical therapists recommend the following exercises for cervical arthritis:

  • Strengthening Exercises: Yogic exercises are considered to be effective for strengthening the neck muscles. For example, inhaling and exhaling air and allowing the sound vibrations to travel through the body is one yogic exercise. Weight bearing exercises also strengthen the neck and spine.
  • Range of Motion Exercises: These exercises improve flexibility and range of motion. For example, turn or tilt your head towards your right ear and then bring it to the centre. Do the same by turning or tilting the head towards the left ear. Another exercise would be to drop your head down towards your chest and then lift it up. Next would be to tilt your head and bring it back up to its normal position.
  • Isometric Exercises: Press the temple, sides, back and the front of your head with your hand. Hold for 5-6 counts and then relax. Resist any movement.

Massage Therapy for Cervical Arthritis

Studies show that “massage therapy” is also effective for comforting neck pain which spreads down to the shoulders and arms. “Massage” is the technique of gently applying pressure to the muscles that repair and soothe the underlying tissues and tendons. You can calm the nerves on your neck with effective massage oils from herbal extracts or kitchen ingredients like ginger oil or hot vinegar.

Benefits of Massage for Cervical Arthritis

The benefits of massage for reducing the symptoms of cervical arthritis are listed here below:

  • Increases flexibility of muscles
  • Relaxes and soothes the muscles
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation

Consult a doctor or professional therapist for engaging in suitable and safe exercises or massage for your neck inflammation and pain.