Effects Of Arthritis On Quality Of Life – Tips To Deal

When your mobility is effected, everything that you used to do with ease and without giving a thought, will be effected too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whooping 7.8 million adults in USA, diagnosed with Arthritis have reported of significant limitations in kneeling, bending, or stooping. Such physical limitations will make even the simplest of tasks seem Herculean.

Here, adaptation is the key. You cannot stop living a normal life if you have Arthritis. You need to strike a balance between the two and prevent your Arthritis from disabling you.

Tip 1 – Climbing stairs and Walking

-  Arthritis patients find it very difficult to climb stairs and walk. Wearing a foot support, ankle support, knee support, or back support make it relatively easy for climbing stairs. Walking is one of the best forms of exercises for Arthritis patients. They provide flexibility to the joints by keeping them mobile.

Tip 2 -  Dressing up

– Dressing up may get quite difficult for Arthritis patients. Choose clothes that are easier to wear. If you have back problems or arms, it is good that you avoid T-shirts that are difficult to remove. Shirts that have buttons in the front could be easier to wear and remove. On the contrary, if Arthritis has effected your fingers, buttoning your shirts would seem difficult, so wearing a t-shirt of wearing a shirt with clip buttons would seem easier. When you wear your trousers, you should ensure that they are lose for easy to wear. You can sit on a chair and wear them if you have problems with your knees and back. You should wear socks the same way too. Avoid wearing shoes that have laces, because you need to bend your back to tie your shoe laces. Try shoes with Velcro straps.

Tip 3 – Personal Hygiene and Grooming

– Arthritis may limit your attempts to personal hygiene and grooming. People with knee problems find it difficult to use the regular toilet seats, the need to have raised toilet seats that allow a limited bending of knees. For people whose fingers are effected by Arthritis find it difficult to use toothbrushes and nail clippers. Arthritis could also make things difficult for you as you do your hair. Its better to keep your hairstyle simple that doesn’t require much grooming.

Tip 4 – Cooking and Cleaning

– Cooking and cleaning requires a lot of moving around, shifting and lifting things. You can make cooking and cleaning easier with arthritis friendly devices like countertop dishwashers, electric can openers, self cleaning ovens, food processors, choppers, juicers etc. These things can make your job easier without straining you. While lifting pots and pans make sure you put the load of the object on the strongest joint. If your fingers are effected by Arthritis make sure you lift objects with your hands instead of only fingers bearing the load over your palms and wrists. For cleaning use Arthritis-friendly broomsticks and mops that do not require effort in squeezing and draining the excess water out. You can use lighted weighted vacuum cleaners that offer easy mobility and better job. Use cleaning liquids to make your job easy while wiping and scrubbing so that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort.