Copper Bracelets for Arthritis

Copper bracelets are a blessing for most arthritis sufferers today. It has been proven by experts that it contains essential compounds that help fight harmful toxins. Find out what makes copper effective for treating stiff and painful joints.

It has been for years that people are relying on the use of copper bracelets and copper jewelry to treat their arthritis symptoms and conditions. Copper is an important mineral trace in the human body that is helpful in the formation of red blood cells. When worn externally it is said to clean the impurities of the bloodstream by clearing the impurities of joint sores and replacing them with fresh flow of blood.

Whether copper jewelry is of much benefit from the inside and/or outside has been a matter of much controversy. While on the one hand, scientists are of the opinion that too much of copper can be harmful for the proper functioning of the brain, liver and kidneys. On the other hand, wearing copper is considered to be effective for treating arthritis conditions like joint swellings, pain and stiffness.

How effective are copper bracelets for arthritis?

Some experts are of the opinion that copper bracelets are capable of withdrawing all the toxins or impurities from the body. The accumulated free radicals which occur naturally in the human body are further enhanced with our recreational and occupational habits like smoking, heat exposure, etc. Therefore, copper jewelry can rid the area off all impurities that accumulate in joint sores as well.

How effective is copper for treating arthritis symptoms when taken as a supplement?

While considering copper supplements experts believe that sufficient copper levels in the body can help in regulating the fresh flow of blood into the aching areas or joints, thereby reducing the inflammation and uneasiness in and around them.

It is further emphasized that pumping copper levels into the body can help in strengthening the connective tissues that support the bone and muscle framework. So copper helps in reducing the wear and tear of cartilages that are protecting and shouldering the entire structure. Therefore copper reduces the impact of arthritis conditions thereby reducing the intensity of pain and stiffness suffered at the joints.

Scientific discoveries fail to assert the long term benefits of using copper jewelry for treating arthritis conditions. Yet many remain loyal to wearing them in order to get rid of their painful joints. Its result and effectiveness is subjective and specific to a person. So while some may report immediate relief after wearing copper bracelets, others may not observe the same so quickly.

Do consult a rheumatologist if you are considering copper intake or external use of copper for curing your inflamed, aching and rigid joints.