Cold Laser Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis - hands

Cold laser treatment is one of the most recent and effective methods of treating arthritis symptoms. The treatment involves a procedure which heals joint aches simply by emitting beams to the area affected. Find out more about the benefits of cold laser treatment for treating severe arthritis conditions.

Arthritis affects millions of people around the globe. About 70 million Americans are arthritis patients. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common forms of arthritis. While one deals with wearing cartilages, the other deals with autoimmune inflammatory conditions. Researchers claim that cold laser treatment is effective for treating arthritis conditions.

Arthritis symptoms are predominated by pain. Pain is often accompanied by limited range of motion, redness, warmth and inflammation in the joints.

Surgical treatments, medications and injections are equally valuable and effective for curing painful joints. However there are other options which speed the recovery and also offer immediate relief to arthritis sufferers. Cold laser treatment is one of them.

What is Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment for arthritis is also known as “phototherapy”. According to this treatment, the wavelengths of light have lasting effects on living tissues. Experts refer to this effect as “photobiomodulation”.

Phototherapy is a preferred solution for most arthritis sufferers who are seeking immediate relief. This is supported by the fact that phototherapy helps in inducing an anti-inflammatory response.

What is Cold Laser treatment for Arthritis?

This treatment involves a combination of diodes and infrared emitting diodes. It is specific to the area affected by strain and swelling. The treatment is considered to be highly safe as no surgery or needles are involved. It is an effective treatment for curing a severe condition of rheumatoid arthritis.

Benefits of Cold Laser treatment for Arthritis:

The benefits were first observed by a study that was conducted on rats. Eventually its effectiveness was sought by humans too. Its beneficial effects for improving arthritis conditions include the following:

  • The human tissue is effectively treated without any harmful effects as the cold laser emits low levels of power output.
  • Due to the low intensity, the beams penetrate deeper into the tissue.
  • It targets the lymphatic system thereby maintaining the fluid balance in the body.
  • It initiates the re-absorption of edema through the infrared beams.
  • Gradually reduces inflammation.
  • Improves flexibility and movement.

Due to its immediate impact and relief, cold laser treatment is becoming a thrilling and innovative experience for many. In fact, it offers hope to those who dread needles, surgery or steroids that can completely disfigure one’s personality and/or appearance.