Cherry Juice for Arthritis Treatment

Recent studies show that pineapple and tart cherry juice can help in healing arthritis pains. According to researchers from the Michigan State University, tart cherries contain chemicals called the anthocyanin. This chemical is responsible for the color of these cherries and at the same time works as an anti-inflammatory agent which can be translated into pain relief for arthritis sufferers. Read on to know more about the benefits of cherry juice for arthritis patients.

Historical evidence relating to the benefits of cherry juice for arthritis

  • It all started with the residents of Michigan who included cherry in their regular diet. Unaware of the health benefits cherry would offer them, some eventually started claiming that cherry juice was helping them get relief from pains caused due to inflammations.
  • The medical community refused to accept that a natural product can help in curing an arthritis ailment better than medicated drugs. But the growing awareness about its benefits forced experts to discover the healing properties of cherry juice.
  • After conducting an extensive research, the Cherry Marketing Institute further believed that cherries contained antioxidants like melatonin. These antioxidants they asserted would certainly work for reducing arthritis pains.

Claims Made by the University of Vermont, Burlington

  • Experts from the University of Vermont who were curious about the same issue arrived at an almost similar stance that cherry juice for Arthritis helped in curing muscle pain and damage or injury caused due to injury.
  • This study was conducted on 14 volunteers some of whom were asked to drink cherry juice mixed with apple juice. They were supposed to drink this mixture twice daily on a three day routine. On the other hand some were asked to drink an ordinary mixture with no cherry juice in particular.
  • The result of this study proved that there was a huge gap between the loss of muscle strength by people who drank cherry juice and the ones who did not.
  • The assertion that the University authors made was that, “These results have important practical applications for athletes, as performance after damaging exercise bouts is primarily affected by strength loss and pain.”
  • It is therefore an unquestionable fact that cherry juice is effective for performance whether on the tracks or in one’s day to day activities.

How Does Cherry Juice Work for Arthritis?

Eve Campanelli, a PhD scholar with the Prevention magazine claims that it is absolutely essential to include juices in one’s diet as they contain important anti-inflammatory nutrients like beta-carotene and copper that help in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Eve also encourages the drinking of pineapple juice which is considered to be rich in bromelain enzyme. Bromelain helps the body to break its protein contents. Arthritis is marked by poor digestion or the improper breakdown of proteins in the body.

Varieties of cherry juice for Arthritis that help in curing aching and inflamed joints:

  • Bilberry Juice
  • Celery Juice
  • Green Barley Juice
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • The Boswellia extract

Experts claim that birch cortisone also helps arthritis conditions but can hinder calcium absorption. So it should be taken in minute quantities.

Richard Mabey, also know as “the new age herbalist”, asserts that all juices are not favorable for treating arthritis conditions. For example, spinach juice which contains oxalic acid can worsen arthritis conditions and slow down the process of calcium absorption as well.

How to Include Cherry Juice in Your Diet?

Follow simple and easy ways to include cherry juice for Arthritis in your diet:

  • Make a smoothie with 1/2 a cup of frozen tart cherries, 1/4 cup of tart cherry juice and 1/4 part of a banana and drink it.
  • Cherry juice concentrate is available at reasonable prices as compared to fresh cherries or juice. Add the concentrate in carbonated water or tea and drink it.
  • Cherry capsules and cherry bars are also available; if you want to save the time of preparing a drink.

Experts state that the results of drinking cherry juice are specific to a person. While some get relief after a few days, for others it may take weeks or months of juice drinking to get rid of the pain caused due to joint swellings.

Numerous clinical works carried out by scientists at the National Food Safety and Toxicology Centre and the Michigan State University prove that anthocyanins in tart cherries are ten times more effective than aspirin.

Note: Avoid citrus fruit juice for osteoarthritis as it promotes further swelling of joint.