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Arthritis of the Talonavicular Joint

The talonavicular joint exists in the foot (on the top). It is one of the three joints that exist in the hind foot. The talonavicular […]

What is Löfgren Syndrome?

Löfgren syndrome is a sub-type and an acute form of sarcoidosis and one of the main symptoms of this syndrome is arthritis. Europeans, especially Scandinavians […]

What is Neuropathic Arthritis?

Neuropathic arthritis is a degenerative joint condition, especially in the weight-bearing joints. It can in fact be considered as osteoarthritis, but this one is caused […]

What is Acromioclavicular Arthrosis?

Acromioclavicular arthrosis is an arthritic condition that affects the acromioclavicular or the AC joint in the shoulder. This is the reason that this condition is […]

Plant Thorn Arthritis – A Form of Monoarthritis

  Plant thorn arthritis   is a type of monoarthritis , meaning, a type of arthritis that affects only a single joint. Also referred to […]

What is Chondrocalcinosis?

Chondrocalcinosis or calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate disease (CPDD)   is an acute form of arthritis and a rheumatoid disorder. Crystals of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate get deposited […]

Post Traumatic Arthritis

Post traumatic arthritis is a curable form of arthritis that can occur following an injury like a fracture or dislocation to the hands or feet. […]

What is Crohn’s Arthritis – Symptoms and Treatment

Crohn’s arthritis is a side effect of the chronic inflammatory bowel disorder, Crohn’s disease. A person suffering from this disease has 25 percent risk of […]

What is Distal Interphalangeal Arthritis – Symptoms and Treatment

Distal interphalangial (DIP) arthritis is the best known manifestation of psoriatic arthritis of the hand. Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of […]

What is Arthritis Mutilans – Symptoms and Treatment

Arthritis Mutilans is a very severe but rare form of arthritis where it destroys the bone and cartilage in the joints, leading to deformation of […]