Castor Oil for Arthritis Treatment

Edgar Cayce was the pioneer of castor oil packs that healed people off ailments like arthritis, constipation, ovarian cysts and urinary problems. In fact castor oil has a long history of medical treatment dating back to the ancient Egyptian era. In those times it was first extracted from the castor bean and used internally as a laxative. But in contemporary times it has been adopted as an external treatment owing to its underlying lethal effects.


When applied topically it results in astounding relief from various aliments. This is contributed by the fact that about ninety percent of its fatty acid content consists of ricinoleic acid which is actually responsible for the castor oil’s healing abilities.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition where the joints get inflamed. This is caused due to the breakdown of the cartilages that support the bone structure. People can experience such joint inflammations in various ways but the most common symptoms of arthritis are stiffness and pain suffered at the joints.

Castor oil for Arthritis

Though arthritis can occur in varied forms like gout, systemic lupus, or bursitis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are considered most unnerving. However, their treatment with castor oil packs can bring much relief and comfort to people suffering from joints aches and inflammation arising from the above two conditions or kinds of arthritis.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is observed to be the most common and occurs as a natural phenomenon as one grows older. However, studies conducted on individuals also refuted this point on the ground that arthritis is a condition that can be a result of other factors as well apart from age and that there are other factors which increase or reduce the chances of contracting it or not. For example, women are said to be about two to eight times more vulnerable to arthritis conditions rather than men. Osteoarthritis is also called the ˜wear and tear” variety of arthritis.

Castor Oil Treatment for Arthritis

Castor oil treatment has proved effective for many who have been suffering from joint ailments since ages now. It however has varied applications like these:

  • For rheumatoid arthritis, drink one cup of ginger tea with two teaspoons of castor oil before going to bed in order to reap some relief from joint ailments.
  • For osteoarthritis, take half a teaspoon of gandharva haritaki and fry it in castor oil, then drink with warm water.
  • Boil two tablespoons of castor oil and mix with a glass of fresh orange juice. This should be taken daily on empty stomach to reduce the ailing symptoms of arthritis.
  • Make a paste out of castor oil and apply it on the inflamed joints for immediate relief.
  • Heat three to four tablespoons of castor oil and dip a flannel cloth into it. Cover the ailing joint with this cloth and place a towel on it. Place an electric heating pad over it and keep for thirty to sixty minutes for relief.
  • Dip a flannel cloth in saturated castor oil and place it over the joint. Put a towel or plastic over the pack and place a hot water bag over it for forty five to sixty minutes. After removing the pack clean the area with baking soda and water. Keep the pack in a refrigerator and use it for at least twenty five to thirty times.

Arthritis can be a debilitating experience for those suffering from it. Experts however assert that a castor oil pack can work wonders for them.

A word of caution for castor oil packs is that it should be used three to seven days in a week and should not be taken internally. Also do not apply the oil on ruptured skin, during pregnancy, breastfeeding or menstrual cycle.

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