Calcium for Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis – the first thing that comes to your mind is bones and joints. Bones and joints are mainly composed of calcium. In arthritis calcium deficiency is due to stimulating enzymes. Calcium deficiency can be controlled by balanced diet or calcium supplements. Read on to learn more about the usefulness of calcium for arthritis treatment.

Link Between Calcium and Osteoarthritis

It is observed that many people are confused regarding the relation between osteoarthritis and calcium. Some people think that osteoarthritis is caused due to calcium deposition in joints, and hence osteoarthritis patients should avoid too much of calcium. But according to another group, calcium deficiency leads to osteoarthritis, hence to treat osteoarthritis more calcium is needed. To some extent both groups’ opinions are convincing. But if you are rigid about one school of thought then it might lead to devastating results.

Ironically, osteoarthritis is caused due to both deposition and loss of calcium from the joints. It can be said that calcium loss and deposition are two aspects of the same disease. In fact calcium deposition is not caused due to excess dietary calcium. It is caused due to lack of dietary calcium. Mainly enzymatic system and hormonal imbalance are responsible for the loss and deposition of calcium. If proper management of calcium is not carried out then it might be harmful for osteoarthritis patients.

Facts You Need To Know About Calcium for Arthritis treatment

The general advice given to keep your bones strong as you grow old is to take enough calcium. If you are young (below 50 yrs) then the expected quantity of calcium you need to take is 1,000 mg/day. In case you are old (above 50 yrs) then the expected quantity you need to take is 1,200mg/day. By eating proper and balanced diet you can get sufficient amount of calcium. Rich sources of calcium for Arthritis treatment are:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Cereal and wheat flour
  • Low fat milk
  • Cheese, yogurt, tofu
  • Calcium fortified orange juice
  • Almonds, figs, raisins
  • Blackeye peas

Incase you are unable to get sufficient amount of calcium from your diet then it is advisable to take calcium supplement.

Few More Calcium Basics You Need to Know

To ensure your body is getting right calcium dosage you need to know few more basics about calcium.

  • Check the quantity of elemental calcium in the supplement which will be absorbed by your body
  • It is advisable to take smaller doses of calcium several times in a day as only 500 mgs of calcium is absorbed by your body at a time.
  • To absorb calcium efficiently your body requires Vitamin D, so make sure that your calcium supplement contains both.

Calcium deficiency can cause Arthritis

According to the Arthritis Foundation an average adult takes approximately 550 mgs of calcium per day. The US Recommended Daily Allowance ranges between 800-1200 mg. Most of the adults around the world are calcium deficient as well as suffering from bone and joint disorders. So it could be concluded that the chances to develop arthritis are higher in people with calcium deficiency. Lastly, remember to take calcium which can be easily absorbed like calcium lactate or calcium citrate.


Calcium deficiency is created by stimulating enzymes. This calcium deficiency leads to rupturing, dissolving or destroying of the joints. Therefore, ensure to take enough calcium for arthritis treatment to get the desired benefits.

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