Cut Down on Arachidonic Acid Rich Foods – Alleviate Inflammation

Arachidonic acid

is an essential fatty acid (not synthesized in the body naturally) which belongs to the omega-6 fatty acid group. This acid is in fact very useful as it helps in the production of prostaglandins (help in fat metabolism and in the production of membranes) along with providing nutrition to the body. Although considered a healthy fat, people who suffer from inflammatory arthritic conditions (like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis etc.) would have a problem with elevated levels of this acid.
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Arachidonic Acid Rich Foods:

As mentioned earlier, arachidonic acid (AA) is not produced naturally in the body and can only be ingested. AA is in fact known to trigger inflammation in cells and people who suffer from inflammatory conditions (especially arthritis) would have problems with this. So, the first thing that one should do is to cut down, if possible avoid foods rich in AA.


Red Meat

Any kind of red meat – lamb, beef, steak, hamburgers, you name them – all are known to be rich in AA. Although lamb and beef contain AA, not as high as in the other red meat. Red meat basically contains fat, thus, the higher the fat in the meat, the higher the AA. Elimination of red meat is thus, advisable.



Mackarel, yellowfish, catfish, tilapia etc. are known to contain in omega-6 fatty acids, which automatically means that they contain AA also. Most fish although contain omega-3 fatty acids. So, discretion is recommended.


White Meat

Duck, turkey, pork, chicken are the white meat in which AA is high, while duck is known to contain the highest levels of AA among the four. People suffering from arthritis should avoid duck and turkey completely. When it comes to pork, the fatty portions of it are to be avoided (remeber higher the fat, higher the AA).


Dairy Products and Eggs

Even eggs and milk products like cottage cheese and yogurt are also known to contain AA. Though an essential part of our diet, their consumption must be limited so that enough nutrition is guaranteed.



Oils obtained from sesame, avocado, olive, soybean, peanut, caraway, sunflower, corn, safflower and canola are all rich in AA. Foods must not be prepared in these oils for people who are suffering from inflammatory arthritic conditions.

What Foods Should One Choose?:

Vegetables and fruits are the best way in which one can cut down on the level of AA intake. In fact, for people who suffer from psoriatic arthritis, becoming a vegetarian is a good choice as the frequency of inflammation is cut down dramatically.

  • Drinking non-fat milk, fresh fruit juices and plenty of water is another way to alleviate inflammation.
  • Foods cooked in rice oil, walnut oil or grape seed oil should be preferred.

Alleviating inflammation in arthritis patients is a must, as inflammation can be pretty debilitating and disabling. Cutting down on

archidonic acid

rich foods can be one way to do that.

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