Shark Cartilage Benefits and Side-Effects in Arthritis Patients

One of the most unusual, yet researched forms of treatment for arthritis is the use of shark cartilage.

Shark cartilage benefits

have not been proven on a large scale yet, but people who suffer from severe arthritis pain do give a shot to this unconventional form of treatment as well. As a matter of fact, this is not a new option but has been in use for many years.

But, is the use any beneficial and if it is, what side-effects does it cause?

Shark Cartilage Benefits:

Most people claim shark cartilage as the magic medicine for many ailments. Although, there is not enough evidence to prove this claim. A particular component found in the shark –

chondroitan sulphate


has however been researched and the benefits were found to be effective.

  • A study conducted in France discovered that people suffering from arthritis who took chondroitan sulphate pills were relieved from their swelling and pain with the intake of a less number of pills.
  • Another study that was conducted in the seventies found out that when shark cartilage injections were given to 28 patients with severe pain, 19 people reported that their relief lasted for almost an year while only 3 out of the 28 did not respond to the treatment.
  • Various other researchers have concluded that 60 percent people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis have found relief from their symptoms.
  • People suffering from psoriasis arthritis condition have also benefited from the use of shark cartilage.


Researchers have said that the effects of the cartilage injections can be usually felt within the first three weeks. If the injections do not show effect after five weeks, probably they would not work.


Not many people were found to experience any toxic effects of cartilage injections. But a few patients who were administered with the injections were found to be at a risk of developing hypercalcemia (presence of excess calcium in the blood).

  • Also, people should be aware of where they buy the cartilage from, for not all stores sell the original.
  • Other people who are recommended not to use the cartilage are children, pregnant women and patients who have a history of heart ailments.

Shark cartilage benefits

have not been proven yet on a large scale and people should make sure to continue with their conventional medicine despite using the cartilage injections.

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