Bunions on Feet and Gout

Most of us do not take good care of our feet and we often abuse them. Bunions on feet are a result of such abuse. People who suffer from bunions find that their big toe is usually red and swollen. The same happens to the big toe in people who suffer from gout. The pain in both the cases is excruciating. Thus, it is important to understand the difference between the two syndromes.

Bunions on Feet

People who use high heels frequently and improper shoes often suffer from redness, dryness and cracking in their feet. A lack of proper care can lead to these problems along with a severe swelling of the big toe accompanied by joint pain. This is caused by a bunion.

Persons who suffer from bunions have an enlarged bone at the base of the joint enlarged which would make the big toe bend towards the second toe. These take a while to develop and present themselves with the following signs and symptoms:

  • the big toe’s base is swollen
  • the big toe would be bent towards the smaller toe
  • the toe becomes red and extremely painful

Walking for persons with bunions becomes very difficult and also can cause problems in the entire foot affecting the daily activities.


On the other hand, gout is a form of arthritis which can be triggered all of a sudden causing excruciating pain in the big toe. Initially, the reason for pain and irritation would remain unknown due to the sudden onset of the attack. Although, the symptoms might recede after a while, there is every possibility that they would show up in due course of time.

Gout is the result of formation of urate crystals in the blood which allow them to get deposited into the joint spaces.

Bunions on feet can be treated by using proper shoe padding, medications, ice, rest and sometimes surgery. Also, they can be prevented by using the proper footwear. Gout on the other hand is a serious condition that deals with several other issues apart from the swelling and pain.

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