Black Bean Broth – A Natural Gout Remedy

People who suffer from gout have higher levels of uric acid in their blood. One

natural gout remedy

that can decrease these levels is the broth of black bean. Black beans provide an antioxidant protection which helps in lowering the inflammation and pain along with the uric acid levels in gout patients.

Black Bean Broth:

Available anecdotal evidences suggest that the broth black beans (after cooking them) are a natural gout remedy. The broth is enriched with



, a nutrient which possess anti-inflammatory properties. These anthocyanins help lower the

urate crystals


in the body (which are primarily responsible for gout pains) thus, curing gout.

Apart from gout, black bean broth can also be useful for pains related to rheumatoid arthritis as well.

Preparing the Broth:

A very easy process that can be done at home itself, black beans when consumed along with tart cherry juice can be very useful in curing gout.

  • Take about 200 grams of black beans and rinse them properly in cool water. Make sure that the debris from the seeds is completely strained.
  • Place the beans in a sauce pan and fill the pan with two and a half quarters of water. Place a lid and allow the beans to boil. The lid enables the broth to be preserved in the pan which is very useful for including in a gout patient’s diet.
  • Lower the heat and allow the mixture to simmer for one and a half hours.
  • Now allow the mixture to cool. Later, strain the broth and refrigerate it.

The above prepared broth if consumed at least twice in a day can be very useful for curing the pains in gout patients. Depending on the pain, the intake of the broth can also be increased.

Not only the liquid, but the strained black seeds can also be part of a salad which can be very useful for lessening the symptoms in patients.


natural gout remedy

of using black bean broth is best if consumed straight after a first gout attack.

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  1. What kind of black beans for gout remedy? Canned? package? what brands are acceptable?

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