What is Crohn’s Arthritis – Symptoms and Treatment

Crohn’s arthritis is a side effect of the chronic inflammatory bowel disorder, Crohn’s disease.

A person suffering from this disease has 25 percent risk of developing arthritis

. Unfortunately, the cause of the ailment is not known owing to its autoimmune nature and has no cure either through drugs or surgery. Treatment focuses on curbing the various symptoms of this dreadful disease.

Symptoms of Crohn’s Arthritis:

Conditions like this form of arthritis strengthen the belief that patients of a certain type of autoimmune disease are prone to other forms of this ailment too. It affects the spine and joints of the knee. The symptoms related to this arthritis become apparent only when the primary signs of Crohn’s disease, associated with the gastrointestinal tract and intestine, are found out.

When the spine gets affected in rare cases, it causes pain, stiffness in its lower part and in the joints of the lower back. It may take even years for these signs to be found out in Crohn’s disease patients.

Negligence of some

associated signs like swelling of lungs, heart valves and eyes

or delay in treatment can cause permanent damage to the spinal cord.

Problems associated with joints are the least complicated though relatively common in the patients. They include swollen, painful, warm, stiff joints with loss of joint mobility. But in the long run, damage of the joints is unavoidable.

Treatment of Crohns Arthritis:

To find relief from the complications of arthritis, it is important that the gastric and intestinal problems be addressed first once they become active. The course of this complication is unpredictable as the signs can remain stable for years or make a comeback in future.

Medications, life style changes and in some cases surgery are found to inhibit the recurrence of the disease

, after signs remain stable for longer period of time. In such highly controlled state of the disease, the effect on quality of life of the patient is found to be less.

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