Cracking Joints

Arthritis of the fingers

Cracking of the joints is a sound produced by bending the joints. This cracking can be done deliberately to produce a clicking sound when people bend their fingers in different positions. For example, if the finger is bent backwards away from the palm, or compressing the finger knuckle towards the palm or twisting the finger around, can produce crackling sounds.

Painful Knee Joints And Cracking:

The cracking in the joints of knee, ankles, back and neck can be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Movements of Joints, Ligaments, And Tendons:

    The cracking in the joint is produced when there is a movement in it. As the joint moves, the position of the tendon changes and it moves out of its place. When it returns back to its normal position the sound of snapping is heard. During this process of movements the ligament may get tightened up. This commonly occurs in the knees and ankles.

  • Escaping Gases:

    A fluid called synovium fluid is present in the joints which acts as a lubricant for the joint. This fluid has gases of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. When the joint cracks, the capsule of the joint is stretched and the gas is released rapidly forming bubbles. It is because of this reason sound is heard. If you want to crack the joint again you will have to wait until the gas returns back to the joint.

  • Rough Surfaces:

    If the surfaces of the joints become rough and the smoothness of the cartilage is lost, then arthritic joints can make the sound of cracking.

Cause For Cracking Finger Joints:

Cracking or popping of finger is a natural phenomenon. It is carried out under two circumstances – one when your fingers are paining and other when it comes automatically with the movement.

The main cause for cracking is that when we stretch or pull our finger we are pulling the two adjoining bones apart. Therefore the pressure on the synovium fluid is reduced and bubbles are formed which quickly expand and burst. It is because of this reason the sound is heard.

Cracking Joints and Arthritis

If you are a habitual knuckle cracker, do not be worried. Cracking joints does not cause arthritis. It is not a harmful habit. Still, refrain from this habit because repetitive and intentional knuckle cracking can create pain and the noise may disturb others.

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